The ECQI Group is committed to protecting and safeguarding your personal information. As part of this commitment, we've produced a new Privacy Statement to strengthen your privacy rights and to meet the high standards of the new European data protection law, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Site for healthcare professionals only

This site is intended for healthcare professionals only. By continuing on this site, you confirm that you are a healthcare professional.

Data ownership, use of data and data publication

By uploading data you confirm that you have the appropriate consent from the patient, and by participating in the questionnaire, you give permission for the ECQI Group to analyse the data provided. The data gathered may be used and/or published by the ECQI Group in any way they decide, including, but not limited to the preparation and submission of abstracts, scientific posters, journal submissions and presentations at scientific and medical meetings. The data findings and/or the publications derived from them will be used by the ECQI Group to examine and evaluate the quality of colonoscopies.

Data protection

The data gathered on the site will be handled, processed, controlled and stored strictly in accordance with the data protection laws of the United Kingdom or the Data Protection Directive and any successor legislation. Any stored data will be appropriately encrypted. The website is hosted by Pharmatelligence Ltd, a healthcare data consultancy, which provides data services which include handling, storing, processing and controlling the data. To the fullest extent permissible by law, Norgine Limited expressly disclaims any responsibility for handling, processing, controlling and storing of the data or any use thereof by the ECQI Group or any other party.

Patient privacy

All records of patient procedures will be anonymised. The ECQI Group will not have direct access to the record of any single procedure or patient record. Data will be presented segmented by institution or region or country or within a specified time frame or assessment period.


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This project was initiated and sponsored by Norgine Ltd for a limited time only and with the specific purpose of measuring the quality of colonoscopies performed in Europe. Norgine Limited does not have direct access to the data.

Ethics approval

You may need ethics or other approval to participate in the project; please consult your affiliated institution for guidance.