Frequently Asked Questions

Is the data submitted anonymous?

It is not possible to identify a particular patient from the data stored in their procedure form.

When I submit my questionnaires, to whom does it go?

The information goes directly to Pharmatelligence, for inclusion in the data assessment set and secure storage.

Will I get paid for participating?

No. Participation is voluntary.

So why should I participate?

Participation will help the ECQI Group in their goal of understanding the current standard of colonoscopy across as many European countries as possible and considering ways to harmonise and improve standards.

Can anybody participate?

Yes, providing that you are a fully qualified colonoscopist.

Will I need ethics approval to participate?

You may need ethics or other approval to participate in the project; please consult your affiliated institution for guidance.

Will I need patient consent?

This varies from country to country. In many countries, a notice on the wall stating that procedures may be recorded for statistical purposes should suffice. If you are unsure, please contact your affiliated institution.