The ECQI Group is an independent group of colonoscopy experts, academics and thought leaders from Europe with the aim of improving quality in colonoscopy.

The group governs its own actions and membership. The group is responsible for:

  • its outputs including materials, documents and presentations
  • making requests for support from external sources
  • the evaluation of and decision making on issues related to the future activity and status of the group

Data audit

The audit is the first project of the ECQI Group. The audit aims to allow healthcare professionals across Europe to record data about their institution (hospital), their own practice, and against individual colonoscopy procedures. The data submitted is held centrally by a data management company (Pharmatelligence) allowing consolidation and analysis across countries.

The ECQI Group will form its own management structure, including roles and responsibilities for individual members.


  • Complement the initiatives of other groups to drive quality standards in colonoscopy and collaborate with all
  • Facilitate the measurement of clinical practice quality in colonoscopy
  • Enable individuals and institutions to measure their quality against others in order to improve
  • Discuss, identify and analyse how to facilitate improvement
  • Be widely and freely available to those who wish to participate, including those countries seeking to improve their standards


Since 2015, improving the quality of colonoscopies performed in Sweden has been the main focus of the Endoscopy Committee of the Swedish Gastroenterology Society (SGF). In accordance with information on the objectives and work of the European Colonoscopy Quality Investigation (ECQI) Group, at the most recent meeting on 15 February 2017, a unanimous decision was made to provide full support for the ECQI Group's continued work, and the decision was approved by the SGF on 14 March 2017.

The results of the ECQI will be included in the Endoscopy Committee's report at the SGF's future annual meetings.

The SGF looks forward to successful collaboration with the ECQI group in improving the quality of colonoscopies in Sweden.

Dr Gabriele Wurm Johansson, PhD
Chairman of the Endoscopy Committee of the SGF
Chief Physician, Endoscopy Clinic Skåne University Hospital, Malmö

General News

The ECQI questionnaire is being refined to align with the latest performance measures,1 and the new version will be available in early 2018.

Dr. David Greenwald from the US Gastrointestinal Quality Improvement Consortium, Ltd. (GIQuIC) was the guest speaker at the annual ECQI meeting in Barcelona in 2017. View full article


October 2013

ECQI Group inaugural meeting to discuss quality in colonoscopy. The ECQI Group recommended a clinical practice level questionnaire be devised to enable colonoscopists to evaluate their own current practice. The group agreed to capture the current state of practice in colonoscopy.

June 2014

The questionnaire, being the ECQI Group first project, was developed with consideration of the ESGE quality standards.2

September 2014

Online questionnaire validated by the ECQI Group.

November 2014

Phase I Pilot; data collected over 1-week; 313 patient procedures recorded.

December 2014

Online questionnaire refinement via a collaborative iteration process.

May 2015

Phase 2 pilot; 1,548 patient procedures recorded. Online questionnaire refinement via a collaborative iteration process.

October 2015

Online questionnaire finalisation.

An abstract and poster have been presented at UEGW 2015 to explain the objectives and nature of the project.3

June 2016

Online questionnaire open to any HCP for recording of data. Quality in screening colonoscopy: position statement of the European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ESGE).

October 2016

Abstract and poster at UEGW 2016 on the pilot data, 1,548 procedures.4

October 2017

Abstract and poster at UEGW 2017: Analysed data collected between June 2016 and April 2017 on 2,094 procedures.5

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