ECQI stands for European Colonoscopy Quality Investigation Group. ECQI has assembled specialists, academics and advisors from many European countries with the goal of raising awareness of the need for improvement in colonoscopy standards across Europe.

The group was constituted in 2013 and has created a practice level assessment questionnaire which was trialed in many European countries. This has shown an insight into the reality of current quality of colonoscopy in the countries which used it. Results of these investigations have been presented at the 23rd European Gastroenterology Week in Barcelona 2015 at the Posters in the Spotlight session.

Members of the group have demonstrated the results at national congresses in Italy, Spain and Germany. We now wish to increase both the number of participants in each country and the number of participating countries.

Efforts are being made to co-operate with societies in order to align our vision for improving colonoscopy quality in Europe.

We hope this website will be informative and that you may consider joining us in order to enhance the strength of ECQI. Everybody who wishes to improve quality in colonoscopy is cordially welcome.

I sincerely hope that our important goal is of interest to you.

Prof. Dr. Jürgen F. Riemann
Chairman of the ECQI Group

How to participate, in three simple steps

1 Register your interest

To participate in the ECQI Group data audit, you must first register your interest with the secretariat.

You will need to be a fully qualified practicing physician, with the appropriate colonoscopy training.

2 Arrange an assessment

The assessment period takes place during certain fixed times. Assessment is currently open and will run to 31 December 2017.

Sign in with your validated account to begin collecting data.

3 Collect data

There are currently three questionnaires designed: institution, practitioner and procedure.

Institution and practitioner questionnaires are completed once, a procedure for each time a total colonoscopy is performed.